Our Founder


Chris Eden is a professionally licensed land surveyor with over 20 years of experience in the civil construction and survey industries. He brings hands-on experience with all facets of civil construction to every project- from laying pipe and operating equipment, to managing entire projects both as a foreman and as a project engineer.

His career began with a degree in Surveying and Mapping Technology and after one year as a chainman on a survey crew, he switched companies to become a laborer/grade checker for a general contractor on Public Works projects, eventually working his way up in the civil construction industry. To earn his license as a professional surveyor, he found positions with engineering and survey firms that provided the deep exposure needed to thoroughly understand the design process of civil projects. 

With an interest in advancing an engineer’s design into a working model for use in contractor-owned GPS equipment, he combined this deep experience with an unwavering commitment to quality to launch Construction Surveyors NCW. 

Chris has spent much of his career focused on building models for and operating GPS machine control equipment, mastering the use of contractor-owned GPS systems, and performing construction staking for a wide variety of projects.  He regularly attends formal training on emerging technologies in the civil construction industry, as well as professional development courses in land surveying.





Our experience is extensive, and our professionalism is unparalleled.

Our body of work can be seen nationally throughout a diverse field of projects ranging from small site developments, to multi-million dollar structures, earthwork projects including data centers, and freeway interchanges. The diversity in our experience and our ability to bring the same efficiency and quality to every project has earned us a reputation for professional excellence.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Construction of site models for contractors operating GPS systems/machine control equipment
  • On-site construction staking
  • Topographic mapping
  • Monitoring
  • Grade checking
  • Consultation for equipment purchases
  • Project planning
  • Identification of potentially costly or problematic design flaws or constructability issues during the planning stages
  • Training
  • Focusing exclusively on contractor’s survey needs

Our experience and ability to understand the contractor’s mindset is what has helped us earn and maintain our strong reputation. Many survey firms focus largely on boundary surveys while bidding construction work as a supplementation to their company’s financial demands. Not Construction Surveyors NCW. We concentrate exclusively on contractor’s survey needs.